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Hoorah is an ecosystem of four online platforms that empowers entrepreneurs. Ecommerce is the core of our business which we use to identify, develop, expose and educate present and future entrepreneurs. As a startup operating at the forefront of a very dynamic industry, Hoorah has some of the most innovative and exciting business development strategies to position ourselves as future giants of e-commerce.
Hoorah Learn is part of our obligation to educate future entrepreneurs and bridge the gap between traditional education and concepts that we see evolving in this space. Even more, Hoorah Learn offers students the opportunity to get theoretical and practical business experience through our engaging programmes and courses.
Hoorah is expanding fast, with Hoorah Rural Franchises and PAN African partnerships quickly becoming part of our ecosystem of empowerment. Hoorah Head Office 832 Jan Shoba Road Brooklyn Pretoria 0181
Seller acquisition: Hoorah Rural (www.hoorah-rural.com) Entrepreneurial development: Hoorah Launchpad (www.hoorah-launchpad.com) E-commerce marketplace: Hoorah Online Shops (www.hoorah.co.za) Entrepreneurial education: Hoorah Learn (www.hoorah-learn.com)
As Hoorah we wish you a warm welcome to Hoorah Learn. Here you will grow and be part of a very dynamic industry. Our mission is to enlighten you on the possibilities outside the ordinary frameworks of traditional education. We wish you a prosperous journey as an entrepreneur over the next 12-weeks. If you enjoy our course, feel free to tag our Facebook and Instagram pages in your posts using @hoorah.co.za and #Hoorah! Happy selling.


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