About Us

Our passion for education

Who are we?

Hoorah Online (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2017 by a team of open-minded entrepreneurs and likewise investors. Hoorah Online (Pty) Ltd consists of a series of interconnected entities to acquire, teach and develop high potential entrepreneurs.
Hoorah Online (Pty) has countlessly been identified as one of Africa's top startups based on innovative go-to-market strategies.
Hoorah Learn was created to share our journey of entrepreneurship and e-commerce with the next generation of online buyers and sellers to accelerate business in Africa.

Why Education?

Hoorah Learn is a platform to share our experiences on the frontline of the e-commerce industry. Our passion for e-commerce, entrepreneurship and education has lead to us being accredited with accolades from top organisations.

World Forum for Education

Hoorah’s founders are part of the World Forum for Education Young Leaders as the only representative of Educational Technology from South Africa at the Paris Conference in 2019.

Alibaba eFounders Fellowship

Hoorah is the official ambassadors for Alibaba eFounders  in South Africa after our internship in 2018 in Hangzhou, China.

Alibaba Business Scool

Hoorah benefits from industry leaders through Alibaba Business School and Alibaba Global Initiatives through a life-long learning programme.

World Economic Forum

Hoorah represented African e-commerce startups at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Cape Town addressing the challenges of rural unemployment and solutions that e-commerce provide.

ONLINE SHOPS Hoorah Online Shops is our core platform that operates as a multi-vendor marketplace connecting sellers & buyers. The sellers from this platform come primarily from South Africa but buyers from all over the world come looking for unique African products.
LEARN Hoorah Learn is a Learner Management System that has been designed to teach anyone more about entrepreneurship and e-commerce. We have partnered with Curro Roodeplaat to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about endless possibilities.
RURAL As part of Hoorah’s belief that Africa’s entrepreneurial talents are unexposed, we have developed a platform that gives entrepreneurs in rural areas access to e-commerce. Roadside2Website and the Hoorah Agency model has reached over 18 community centers and 30 agents.
LAUNCHPAD Through Hoorah Launchpad, we incubate entrepreneurs and help them with SEO services, funding, inventory, warehousing, raw material sourcing and much more. Exposing entrepreneurs to consuming markets by exporting their products is the final step.