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Building Blocks – Protocols & Technology


“Fortune favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

In e-commerce, planning ahead is the most important thing to consider when starting your business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to consider the rapid growth, trust issues and immaturity of the industry when starting your business. Here are ten building blocks to consider when planning to start an e-commerce business:

  1. Design: Customers need to easily find products they are looking for. It should be fast and responsive and should load quickly across all major devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile).
  2. User experience: Create an immersive, guided user experience with rich media to engage better with your customers.
  3. Information: Your website should contain crucial pages such as frequently asked questions, T&C’s, About Us and Privacy Policies to encourage trust.
  4. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation customers to easily find you on platforms such as Google. This increases organic traffic.
  5. Curation: Using data, you can target certain customers and advertise products according to their geographic, interests, age and gender.
  6. Scalability: Successful companies grow and change. Planning ahead and choosing a scalable solution that expands with you will save a great amount of time and work down the road.
  7. Automation: Automation is the real key to scalable e-commerce. Processes, feedback and customer communications that are automated can save you a lot of time and salaries if integrated well.
  8. Logistics: Considerations like regional sales taxes, warehouses, shipping methods, and language support for the countries where you do business are essential when choosing an eCommerce solution.
  9. Social media: Social media opens your business to millions of potential customers. Create content relevant to your target market and refer them to your business.
  10. Value: Building relationships with your customers are more important than a quick sale. Provide value by having excellent response rates, good quality products, reviews and always put the customer first.

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