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E-com Requirements & ICT


To sell

  • E-commerce platform or shop

– Choose between having your own store or being a marketplace seller.

  • Products or services

– Will you sell your own products or someone else’s?

  • Payments solution provider

– EFT, credit card, Cash on Delivery, QR codes 

  • Logistics partner

– Last mile (local) and international deliveries

  • Marketing platforms and strategies

– Social media, Google and re-marketing with data

  • Collection address or warehouse

To shop

  • Internet access
  • Delivery address
  • Means of payment


Always consider that new technology (or stack as we call it) will always be more relevant in the future if use-cases can be substantial. Protocols such as blockchain might change the way that e-commerce payments, platforms, and logistics are operated. Blockchain eliminates the “middleman” and may disrupt your business if you’re not able to rapidly adapt to concepts present in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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