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Pioneers and Giants of E-com


Excluding China, there is an estimate of about 3 million e-commerce companies in the world. These range from single online stores, online services, marketplaces and full ecosystems that are built on the web.

Some of the very first companies to successfully engage in e-commerce still exist today. eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba are examples of first-movers who had the advantage of monopolizing the e-commerce industry through having long-term, sustainable goals. It comes as no surprise that the founders of these platforms are in the top 5 wealthiest people on the Forbes top 100 list.


Amazon is a multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is the worlds most valuable company in the world ahead of Apple and Alphabet.

Amazon.com was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and originally started off as an online book store (because no physical store could keep all the books in the world in one place).

2017 Annual turnover:    178 Billion US Dollars     2017 profit: 3,1 Billion US Dollars

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ALIBABA: Alibaba is a multi-industry e-commerce company specializing in retail, internet, and technology based in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba has operations in more than 200 countries in the world and is the world’s largest e-commerce retailer. in 2017, Alibaba’s combined turnover exceeded that of the whole German economy! 

Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999 after realizing that the internet could revolutionize the manufacturing industry in China through exporting to consuming countries such as America. 

After the success of alibaba.com, that connected businesses, and suppliers, Alibaba branched out and currently have over 27 different platforms.

2017 Annual turnover: 39,9 Billion US Dollars    2017 profit: 4,9 Billion US Dollars

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